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Most people often confuse the difference between Bookkeepers and Accountants. 

In general terms Bookkeepers cover the first stage of the bookkeeping process.  In other words, this comprises the recording of all the entries/transactions.  This is the point that is your foundation to base your accounts on.  Consequently, it is imperative to have bookkeeping records accurately recorded in order to gain any value at the higher level of processing.

How many evenings have you spent sat at your desk sorting through paperwork?  Digging out receipts from here, there and everywhere.  Then the thankless task of having to sort them into some sort of order.  Finally, to allow you to reconcile the bank and credit cards, which is all taking up your valuable time.

Why not pass everything on to us to take care of it all?

We deal with both manual and computerised systems.

Purchase Ledger

  • Process all Supplier invoices through to payment
  • Reconciliation of Supplier Statements
  • Produce Aged Creditors Reports

Sales Ledger & Credit Control

  • Process all Customer invoices to receipt of payment
  • Produce Customer Statements
  • Produce Aged Debtors Reports

Nominal Ledger

  • Process all other payments and receipts
  • Journals to provide management information

Bank Reconciliation

  • Match all transactions on your bank statement to your accounts record to ensure they balance

Petty Cash

  • To analyse your expenditure process all transactions to your Nominal Ledger.


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